Joseph A. Buhagiar, Phd

Dr Joseph A. Buhagiar

Department of Biology, University of Malta

Dr Joseph Buhagiar was born in Zejtun.  Joseph graduated with a B Ed (Hons) degree in the teaching of biology and science from the University of Malta, further specializing in Botany and soil science abroad before moving on to an MPhil from the faculty of Medicine and later reading for a PhD with Notthingham University both on the bioactive compounds from local plant species.

Dr Buhagiar presently holds a post at the University of Malta’s department of biology as well as being the director of the Argotti botanic gardens, playing a role in studying the diverse endemic plant species of Malta.

His research mainly focuses on isolating extracts from various endemic and indigenous plants. He then studies the effects of these extracts on induction of apoptosis in cancer cells and also tests them for any anti-microbial effects. He has done considerable research on the national tree, Tetraclinus articulata and has supervised numerous students, encouraging them into the world of botany and cell biology.

Since taking up his post at the University, Dr Buhagiar has been involved with botanic garden research with a number of European countries as well as participating in a European projects including Semclimed.

Was born in 1960.  In 1982 he graduated B. Ed (Hons) and started teaching biology first at ordinary level and in 1987 at advanced level.  Joseph continued his post graduate studies from 1991where he attended several diploma courses abroad, and eventually obtained an M. Phil. and a Ph. D specialising in the bioactivity of plant chemicals.  In 1994 moved on to the University as Curator and now occupies a full time lecturing post with the Department of Biology and is also Director for the Argotti Botanic Gardens, Floriana.  Joseph is married to Rita and has four children – Denise, Malcolm, Arthur and Karl. He was a Żejtun resident till 2003 and now lives in Marsascala.



Bryan Ogden, MA MS MSc

Life highlights:

  • Co-designed a Cartoon Network promotion that when launched crashed their servers due to traffic volume.
  • Dissertation on sustainability communication at the University of Malta in the Earth Sciences Dept. Focused on short form video and it’s application to sustainability.
  • Won first place in a Maltese business idea competition for climate change remediation resulting in a trip to Amsterdam and learning what Jenever is.
  • Traveled to the Great Wall of China and participated in the XMediaLab Beijing “Creative Economies: Digital and Virtual” and the grand opening of the Cyber-Recreation District .
  • Lived in the South Bronx and didn’t see one rapper the whole time.
  • Have an amazing wife and live in Malta.


Skilled in design production and execution. Media Production has included: Cartoon Network, UPS, Coca-Cola, Arista Records, Med Center Direct, FUBU, NYC Parks Dept. University of Malta.  Key job experiences developing urban greening and sustainability media. I have a  focus on the efficacy of short form video for use in sustainability communication and this puts a new spin on the use of youtube.  <link to dissertation>. I have work experience in both the private, public, and non-profit sectors – I’m interested in working at Communication Agencies, Sustainability Think Tanks, Parks Departments and/or in a Corporate Sustainability Office creating media for use in sustainability communication. I’m available to work through the EU Blue Card Program.

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