We are building a compact wastewater treatment unit to clean up the environment and create jobs for entrepreneurs. This crowdfund has the focus of building working capital so we can bring our innovative approach to market. We have perks for everyone who contributes and we promise to keep you updated on our progress.

The leading causes of environmental fouling are not what you would expect.
8 things you should know about water recycling.

  1. Agricultural waste is a leading cause of environmental degradation globally.

  2. This planetary pain in the ass accounts for a larger footprint than all sectors of transportation combined.

  3. The recent algal blooms (green slime) that have fouled our rivers, lakes and coastal waters are the result of nutrient runoffs from agriculture.

  4. We are the Maltese winner of the Climate Launch Pad Climate Change Business Idea contest last November.

  5. We have a global plan to deal with agricultural wastewater profitably – for everyone involved.

  6. We have formed a company to enact our plan and are raising money to build our prototype.

  7. Every three installs = a free unit for a deserving community. Wastewater recovery is desperately needed in developing nations and we want to fill that gap.

  8. See wastewaterscience.com for more info.

Wastewater Science in the winner of the 2015 Maltese Business Idea Competition Climate KIK. The idea has been vetted by scientists and business leaders and we are working to bring the idea to market. This crowdfunding campaign will help give us the solvency to fight climate change at one of it’s most potent sources.

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