Prototype Development

CrowdFund Completed
Happy New Year!

We have completed Wastewater Science crowdfunding for our scaled down prototype and have begun purchasing to build the equipment both for our initial prototype and our full scale plans. We thanks you all very much for your support and are thankful for the help. We will be updating our progress on our website at We reduced our fund raising goals here to reflect the updated goals we have and the response of the crowdfund. We sent an email to everyone about our updated goals but we have not heard back from you – we are assuming all is good and you are awaiting your rewards.

For our supporters – we need to make delivery on tee-shirts and on the video game. If you are a supporter and want to claim your teeshirt please email your physical address. We should have tee shirts soon and please do get in touch so you can get yours.

And lastly here’s few photos of our preliminary site for the prototype. These photos show the tank we will use and also an example of the water plants and some other tanks that we may use for phytoremediation and staging. Please check back as we continue to build our prototype.


54 thoughts on “Prototype Development

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